Job Hunting on Social Media

Job Hunting on Social Media

A Quick Guide to Etiquette


It’s important to talk about the etiquette of job hunting on social media because looking online for job opportunities is the norm these days. It’s very rare to whip out the local newspaper and start circling job ads. What is even more common now is job hunting on social media. There are countless Facebook groups dedicated to helping you find work. Most businesses have their own Facebook page where they will advertise their available opportunities. Social media is a great way to seek out the jobs you want.

When social media first started, it was used as a way to find information and connect with your friends. These platforms started on a foundation of familiarity. You know your friend so you connect with them. You can share everything there with them. This familiarity however, can stand in your way when it comes to using social media to find a job. The way you interact with your friends is not the same way you should interact with a potential employer.

So, how you can make sure your social media job hunting practices won’t hinder your ability to gain the jobs you want? There are a few things to keep in mind.

1. Follow Instructions

This is something I see constantly in Facebook groups dedicated to finding work. An employer or freelancer makes a well thought out post detailing the help they need and the requirements of the job. They end their post saying to email them for more information. Within minutes, 4-5 people reply to the comment saying “DM me more info”, or “what does it pay”, or some variation of that. Instantly, the original poster (OP) is going to be frustrated. The people responding are not following the basic instructions laid out in their post. Why would they want to continue communicating or even consider hiring someone who either cannot or chooses not to follow simple instructions?

Posts like these are common in Facebook groups. The original poster (OP) is explaining what she is looking for and details on how to move forward from there.


In the responses, you can see the OP has to explain again and again to follow her instructions. Be sure to not only read the original post, but also browse through the comments so you are fully aware of their situation.


Nikki’s response is perfect. She shows that she understood the directions, followed them exactly, and followed up to express her excitement over the opportunity which also serves as a reminder to look out for her application. Great! However, Lubnan’s response is inappropriate and will not serve them well if they do apply.


In these instances, take a moment to prepare. Analyze the post. What does the OP want? Their job is not to make job hunting easier for you. In fact, it’s in your best interest to show that you can make their job easier! Send the email they request. Follow the directions they give and you’ll stand out from those who don’t.

Recruiter Tip: 

Take it a step further. If they want people to contact them for more information, spend a few minutes researching their company. Get to know their corporate culture and respond to their request with educated questions that show you are invested. Let them know you researched the company and are excited by the opportunity because you believe in their values. You’ll stand out in their mind from the people who inevitably will just email saying “more info please”.

screenshot explaining online etiquette
The OP acknowledges she needs help and gives specific instructions on how she wants to be contacted however Hita’s response is not relevant.
great response to a job ad on social media
Hanna’s response is great. She includes all the information that the OP asks for in a professional way. The only thing I would leave out is her age. That is unimportant and unnecessary for the OP to know.

2. Communication

It’s also important to speak to them as a professional. Spell out the whole words you’re using rather than a condensed version (you versus just u). Put in the extra time and effort to communicate professionally. Even though you may be communicating through Facebook or Instagram, make sure to spell check your writing. All of the professional recruiters I know agree on this one thing. Poor spelling is an instant red flag. Mistakes happen but do your best to avoid them and don’t beat yourself up if it does happen. Put in your best effort.

Recruiter Tip: For those of you who are searching for remote/online roles remember that attention to detail is going to be high up on the “must have” list for a lot of recruiters. Jobs in Marketing, IT, Transcription, Virtual Assistance and more are going to want to hire people who are meticulous in their writing.


3. Audit Your Social Media

Check out your own profile! Is there anything there that might not represent you in the best way? Make sure you adjust your settings to make those posts private and consider what your profile says about you. Be cautious of articles and memes you share that might be considered inflammatory.

Recruiter Tip: Does your profile convey a professional and positive image? In my previous roles in Recruitment, I have declined candidates because their online presence was filled with negativity. Complaining, griping, and general attitude issues can be a huge red flag for employers.

If you are unsure and want the advice of our recruiter, you can start here.

4. Curate Your Crowd

This is something I think is often overlooked. If you are looking for work in a particular field, make sure you are joining groups related to that field! There are tons of digital nomad facebook groups you can join but be even more specific than that. Are you an aspiring Virtual Assistant? Hunt down those groups and join them. You will be surprised at how many job opportunities are advertised within specific groups.

Recruiter Tip: Become a part of that community, post meaningful content and start building your own brand awareness.


I think at this stage we all know that what we put online, even if deleted, lives forever on the internet. It’s worth the extra effort to double check your comments and keep your image professional! If you have been applying for jobs and you just aren’t landing anything, it’s probably time for an audit. Our team would be happy to help, check out our services here or email us at


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