The Resume Trend That Needs To Go

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The Resume Trend That Needs To Go

We’re a long way away from the resume trends of the ’90’s and we’re all the better for that! Long gone are the days when blocky, Times New Roman filled pages were the norm. As we strayed away from those, we are now in the era of graphic design. Overall, resume trends are improving but there is one trend right now that is hurting you.

Skills and Attributes Graphs

Graph charts have been popping up on resumes for the last few years and I understand it. They look nice. They seem quantifiable. It fills up blank space. However, there are many problems with including these on your resume.

example of skill charts on a resume

The Main Problem

One of the main concerns with these is that it identifies gaps that you have in an arbitrary way. Saying you’re a 3/5 in a competency like teamwork or a skill like Adobe Photoshop doesn’t provide the recruiter with a clear picture of your capabilities. What are your strengths in Photoshop? What do you need to improve in order to get the other 2/5?

It’s especially more damaging when it comes to competencies. Saying you’re a 3/5 in ‘teamwork’ shows a gap. Why do you struggle with teamwork? What is preventing you from achieving further success? Are you going to be a difficult team member? It brings up a lot of questions and a resume is about selling what you do have, not highlighting what you don’t. It’s also arbitrary to assign values to some of those skills and competencies. How are you arriving at that 3/5 for teamwork? Because it’s unclear how you are determining the values, it weakens the strength of the resume overall.

Other Concerns

Another issue is that they tend to be large. These graphs can easily take up 1/8th or more of the available space on your resume. Space is valuable on your resume! Use that space to highlight accomplishments, or expand on your professional summary or experience. Give that space to words that will showcase your suitability to the role you’re applying for.

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