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Make 2020 the year you finally land the job you've been dreaming of.

I’m Dayna, and I help busy professionals and job seekers stand out from the crowd by creating accomplishment-focused resumes that excite recruiters and secure interviews.

You are frustrated.

If you don’t land the dream job soon…If you don’t get out of the job search vortex soon…you’ll be stuck in your current job for what feels like forever. 

Let me give you a bit of advice. 

First, it is totally normal to feel overwhelmed and even embarrassed. Putting yourself out there isn’t easy and hearing crickets is an ego blow you weren’t expecting. Finding the right job is tough. 
But, if you want more, if you’re going to finally land the job you’ve been dreaming about, if you’re ready to put the job hunt behind you, then you need to change your approach and you need to do it now.

Let me be clear here.

You deserve to go for that dream job. You can absolutely change your career and change your life. You just need to stop making excuses, get out of your own way, and start taking action. 

Before you scroll further, check out these amazing Career Changers who have taken control of their careers: 

Lisa Tingle

Shout out to Dayna for helping me with my resume! I was hesitant about initially asking for help b/c I'm experienced and have been in the business for a while so I SHOULD know how to write my resume. Well, I have a long working history and it was difficult for me to sum that up nicely and to really showcase my talents on paper. Dayna has a keen eye and knew exactly how to make the necessary changes to make it shine. I feel a lot better about handing out my resume now. Just spent the morning updating it on every job site I can think of. THANKS for all that you do Dayna!!!

Laura Little

Dayna was fantastic! She took my unusual career history (CEO to Digital Marketer) and helped me create a resume that reflects all of my unique work experience. I highly recommend her.

Kylie Ralston

Dayna was amazing! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Not only did she support me and give me confidence when I was feeling deflated, she gave me very specific and practical help in reviewing my CV, helping me tailor my cover letters and even looking for job opportunities that were a match for my skillset and experience. It felt good having someone on the end of my long list of questions who was fighting in my corner. If you’re in the job market for a remote job, Dayna is your the one person you need to reach out to!! 😁✨🤩

So, what is the secret to securing those interviews and walking away with your dream job?

The secret is that it’s all about SELLING yourself as the right candidate.

You need to have a sales mindset when it comes to job hunting. 

You need to stand out from the crowd. 

It’s about learning how to analyze what a recruiter wants and efficiently showing them how you will solve ALL their problems. 

In the New Year – New Career Program you will get all the job hunting, resume and cover letter advice you can handle. And a lot more! 

One On One Support

Dedicated time to focus on you and your career goals. No cookie-cutter coaching around here. 
  • 30-minute onboarding call to get you started on the right foot. Value $129
  • Unlimited Voxer or Whatsapp messaging access for the duration of the program. Value $349
  • Tailored advice for each step of your career seeking journey on everything from job hunting through to salary negotiations. Value $649

Group Coaching

We’re all in it together. This community will keep you motivated AND accountable.
  • Private Facebook community with like-minded professionals to keep you motivated and on track. This confidential space is your place to take all your job hunting, resume building and career related questions. Value $199
  • Weekly group coaching call based on group challenges and needs. Value $299


Let’s start the New Year right! I’ll give you the groundwork and help you build something career changing.
  • One recruiter designed and Applicant Tracking System-friendly resume template that you can customize to your needs. Value $49
  • Custom Cover Letter template. Value $49
  • ‘Find your Strengths’ Workbook designed to help you analyze and uncover your marketable skills. Value $9.99

Just to be clear, this program would normally cost over $1700.00!

And it can be yours for only $549.00!

FAQ for all of you who want to see the fine print first.

How much is this program?

This one-time offer program is now on sale for $547. I want this to be accessible for all of you who have been considering getting help for a while now but are not at a point where you can invest $1000+ in your career right now. 

Is there a time commitment when joining the program?

In a sense. Each job seeker is on their own journey and times for completion of all documents will vary. The private Facebook community and group coaching calls will be active for 8 weeks. 

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up, I will reach out to book your 30 minute onboarding call where we will get you set up in the group, dissect your career goals and lay the foundation of our work together and make sure you have all you need to hit the ground running. 

Then what happens?

The program starts first thing on January 2nd, 2020. Our first step together will be to find jobs that are a match for your skills and interests. Then, with my guidance, you will start crafting a compelling resume and cover letter using the included template. I will analyze each section with you to make sure you’re on the right track.

Are there any refunds?

No. This is a one time deal, no refunds.

What do you expect from me during the program?

Yes, I do have expectations of you! You need to be a committed partner during this process. There is no magic cure to finding the right job. I’ll give you all the tools you need, but it’s up to YOU to truly invest the time necessary to get results. I also expect you to keep an open mind and be willing to put in the work.


Will you raise the rates of this program?

Without a doubt, yes.

Remaining spots in the course are $547.00

But Dayna, I’ve already invested in a coaching program and I didn’t get the results I wanted. I’m scared to commit to another coaching program.

Listen, I understand. I’ve been there too.

All I can say is this, was your other coach a corporate Recruitment Manager with years of recruitment experience?

I am an experienced recruiter who has personally screened thousands of resumes and I have successfully helped many others land the jobs they want with higher pay and better balance.

I genuinely care about my clients and I want you to succeed. 

Okay, it’s time to get off the job search hamster wheel and start making the right move towards your dream career.