New Year, New Career

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Kick off your New Year by building a resume that actually lands interviews and job offers

I’m Dayna, and I help busy professionals and job seekers stand out from the crowd by creating accomplishment-focused resumes that excite recruiters and secure interviews.

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Have you been feeding the job application ‘black hole’? 

I know it’s frustrating to send out hundreds of job applications and hear nothing but crickets or worse—the dreaded rejection email. 

You thought that with your experience and education recruiters would be throwing offers your way. 

You have nightmares about being stuck in your current job forever. 

If you could only actually SPEAK to a recruiter. Then they would see what a great fit you are for their company. 

I promise, this program is for you!

Proven Track Record

My clients come to me burnt out, overwhelmed and totally discouraged about their job prospects. 
They are talented, smart, driven experts in their industry, but they just haven’t figured out how to compete with the sea of other applicants out there. 

Do you want to go to more interviews?

Do you need to go to more interviews? 

See what our previous clients have to say about us! 

Lisa Tingle

Shout out to Dayna for helping me with my resume! I was hesitant about initially asking for help b/c I'm experienced and have been in the business for a while so I SHOULD know how to write my resume. Well, I have a long working history and it was difficult for me to sum that up nicely and to really showcase my talents on paper. Dayna has a keen eye and knew exactly how to make the necessary changes to make it shine. I feel a lot better about handing out my resume now. Just spent the morning updating it on every job site I can think of. THANKS for all that you do Dayna!!!

Laura Little

Dayna was fantastic! She took my unusual career history (CEO to Digital Marketer) and helped me create a resume that reflects all of my unique work experience. I highly recommend her.

Kylie Ralston

Dayna was amazing! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Not only did she support me and give me confidence when I was feeling deflated, she gave me very specific and practical help in reviewing my CV, helping me tailor my cover letters and even looking for job opportunities that were a match for my skillset and experience. It felt good having someone on the end of my long list of questions who was fighting in my corner. If you’re in the job market for a remote job, Dayna is your the one person you need to reach out to!! 😁✨🤩

There is something missing in your job-hunting tactics that is leading to recruiters not seeing your potential. 

That is where this program comes in.

In this 8+ week program, you will:

Learn how to find the jobs you want

Get customized advice for each step of your career finding journey

Have 1 on 1 access to a professional recruiter who will support you in achieving your goals

Plus loads more!

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