Partner with a Career Coach that's in your corner every step of the way!

Sometimes we hesitate and resist investing in ourselves. There are a thousand other things going on in our lives that makes us choose ourselves last. Maybe you’re also feeling frustrated with your lack of progress and anxious to move into a career that inspires and fulfills you.

 It’s time to get off the job search hamster wheel and start doing what other job seekers aren’t doing; getting the support you need to succeed! 

No matter where you are in the job search cycle, Nomadic Career Services is here to help you stand out from the crowd.

We will be your personal guide to finding the right job opportunity, writing an interview-winning resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, so that you know your materials are exactly what a recruiter is looking for. 

In our collaborative options, you are the student and we are your teachers. You make the changes and we offer you advice and support throughout. We’ll work with you to ensure your resume makes it through the applicant tracking systems and into the hands of real people. 


Job Hunt

Job Hunting Assistance

Whether it’s a remote or location-dependent role, finding a career in the digital age can be hard work! There are thousands of job boards and each job board does things differently.

Let us help you navigate these waters by sourcing the best jobs for you.


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Find What You’re Looking For

You know what type of job you’re looking for and you know what lifestyle you want too. Where can you find jobs that match up with your wants and needs? With so many options it can be easy to just send out hundreds of resumes to see what sticks. Stop wasting your time and pulling your hair out.

Partner with An Expert Job Hunter

Devon, our in-house Expert Job Hunter, starts his day with coffee and job hunting. Combing through thousands of global and niche job boards, he knows how to find the best options for you. Taking your experience, skills and desires, he will find between 5-10 active job posts matching your preferences and send them back to you within 7 days or less.

Copy of Copy of Copy of basic resume plan

LinkedIn Audit

This is for active job seekers who want to take their LinkedIn to the next level by optimizing their profile and increasing visibility. Our recruiter will comb through your profile and provide you with an itemized list of changes and best practices to help you stand out from the crowd.


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See and Be Seen

Recruiters use LinkedIn to find prospective employees through keyword searches, connections and by posting jobs right through the platform. Our recruiter will work with you to make sure your profile is getting the right kind of attention.

Storytelling Through Connection

LinkedIn is a social space where you can network with thousands of prospective employers. Where your resume is a summary of your relevant experience and accomplishments, LinkedIn is the “person” behind it all. We will help you tell your story in a compelling way that highlights your unique skill set and personality.  


basic resume plan

Basic Resume Plan

This plan is designed for those who are satisfied with their resumes format and content but understand the value of a second set of eyes. We will comb through your documents looking for formatting, spelling and grammatical errors that you may have missed.  

$49.00 1-2 Pages
$20 additional pages

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Best Foot Forward

As a Recruiter myself, I’ve seen thousands of resumes in my life. In every new job vacancy, I would receive a few resumes with spelling mistakes or even worse, they addressed it to the wrong company and position. We all want to think a recruiter will look beyond minor mistakes but here’s the thing. They won’t. The job market competition is fierce, and we’re here to make sure you’re remembered for your winning resume, not your mistakes.

Price is per page and we will also review supporting documents such as Cover Letters, Letters of Recommendation, CV’s, and more.


Intermediate Resume Plan

You feel like your resume is in good shape but you’re sending it to employers non-stop and you’re still not landing the interviews you want. Sound familiar? It’s time to take control of your own success.

In this plan, we will review your resume and send you an itemized list of improvements and suggestions on how to land your dream job. We will cover everything from formatting, layout, keyword choices and industry specific advice. 

Starting from $199.00

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Collaborate with a Recruiter

Our first step together is to talk about your goals. What job do you ideally want? How has it been going? What feedback have you gotten from potential employers, if any? Once we have a solid understanding of your goals and setbacks, we will dive into your resume and leave no section unturned. 

We are meticulous so that you don’t have to worry. 

Customized Advice

Just as every job is unique, so is every applicant. We will uncover aspects of your career and personality that set you apart and will advise you on how to emphasize what makes you unique.  As a bonus to you, we will also include one additional revision of your resume.

Cover Leter

Cover Letter Advice

Cover letters are the written equivalent of your 10 second elevator pitch. Recruiters get hundreds of applications these days and it’s your job to show them why you’re the best choice. If you have been sending out multiple applications without getting to an interview, let us help you shape your story in a way that captures the recruiter’s attention and leaves them wanting more. 


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You Don’t Need to be a Storyteller

Not everyone is born a storyteller and that’s okay. Not only does your Cover Letter need to tell a compelling story, but it also needs to make use of industry-specific keywords in order to get past the Applicant Tracking System bots that help recruiters eliminate applicants before they even see them. We understand those bots and we also know how recruiters think. 

If your Cover Letter is Longer than One Page, Let’s Talk

I don’t care what you’ve been told. If your Cover Letter is longer than a page, you need us. Recruiters are inundated with resumes and cover letters, and they are skilled skimmers. You need to wow them in 6 seconds or less. 

Terms and Conditions:

Additional revisions can be purchased for $35 USD.



One on One Interview Coaching

Picture this. You walk into the interview feeling confident and prepared. The interviewer introduces themselves and asks you to describe a time when you performed a task similar to the role you want. Your mind goes blank. You start sweating a little. Suddenly, you’re remembering irrelevant things you did in college that don’t apply to this situation in the slightest. Sound familiar? Interview nerves are very common and totally preventable!


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Conquer Your Interviewing Fears

You spent time and effort on your application and your resume. It only makes sense to put in equal effort into getting yourself interview ready! It’s a myth that the only way to prepare for an interview is to know the questions ahead of time.  We can help you prep so that your chances of “interview brain freeze” are significantly reduced.

Practice Makes Perfect

In an hour-long session, we will nail down your ‘strategy to success’ in your upcoming interview. We will practice a few questions, but more importantly we will get to the root of your nerves and focus our time on preparing you to wow the hiring managers. 

Full Package

Collaborative Career Plan

Complete Collaborative Career Plan

Your Roadmap to Success

Imagine having a personal guide and industry expert whose sole mission is to help you source the best job opportunities, craft the best resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, and support you through your interviewing challenges. That is what Nomadic Career Services will do for you. 

Starting From $549.00

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Collaborative Career Coaching 

A New Way Forward

Imagine having a care and industry expert whose sole mission is to help you source the best job opportunities, craft the best resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, and support you through your interviewing challenges. That is what Nomadic Career Services will do for you. 

Support Tailored to your Needs

In this plan we will act as your person career coach by helping you find jobs that align with your goals, coach you through your LinkedIn, resume and cover letter edits and get you prepped and ready to conquer the interview that we’re confident you will get!

  • 2 Weeks of Job Hunting Assistance
  • LinkedIn Audit
  • Intermediate Resume Plan
  • Cover Letter Advice
  • One On One Interview Coaching