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    Hello and welcome!

    We know how difficult it can be to find legitimate remote work. To try and make things a bit easier we’ve launched the Nomadic Career Services Job Board! The idea behind this job board is to take a communal approach to finding jobs. Anyone is welcome and encouraged to post jobs they find online! We do have a few criteria that these job postings must have. The main things are:

    They must be jobs! No investment opportunities, MLM schemes, or franchises. We’re aware that not all of these are scams or pyramid schemes, but this is not the place to promote them.

    The job must pay at least $10/USD per hour or equivalent. Not all jobs posted here are going to pay hourly, or in USD. If the job is a salaried position the average hours worked against the salary offered must work out to at least $10USD/Hour. For contract work like writing gigs that pay per thousand words or similar, again the average amount of time required against the pay must work out to a minimum of $10/USD.

    Obviously the average salary for many of the positions posted here are going to be above $10/USD, however we wanted a hard rule for a cut off. There are tons of jobs out there offering things like $10 per thousand words as a guest blogger, and when you work out the amount of time required, against the payout, you’re going to have a hard time paying your internet bill let alone surviving.

    Lastly, the job must be 100% remote! Whether it’s a work at home gig, or something you can do on the road, there has to be no expectation of showing up at an office (unless for a company retreat!).

    As for the communal aspect, feel free to comment on any of the job postings here, we just ask that you keep it respectful. If you find a job posting that fits the above requirements and you’d like to share, post away! If you’re an employer looking to make a posting for a job you’re offering please contact me at

    Thanks and happy job hunting!



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