positive review  I've worked with Dayna on my Resume when I needed to reframe it for positions I've never applied for before. It's been the first time that I felt my career path being understood by a recruiter! She has this incredible ability to put my complex blurb into simple industry-specific words. It was so effective that I will continue working with her on my LinkedIn and Cover letter. She is an absolutely fantastic writer but also very flexible, kind and understanding when I got caught up with other things and was late to answer. I can but only recommend her warmly 🙂

    Yael Fingal Avatar Yael Fingal
    August 30, 2019

    positive review  Dayna really helped me write a well thought out about me page that highlights my experience succinctly. I believe she had a huge hand in helping me land my current role!

    Lisa Ma Avatar Lisa Ma
    June 12, 2019

    positive review  Dayna was fantastic! She took my unusual career history (CEO to Digital Marketer) and helped me create a resume that reflects all of my unique work experience. I highly recommend her.

    Laura Little Avatar Laura Little
    March 7, 2019

    positive review  Help! That's what I shouted out and Dayna approached right away. She has translated what was Chinese to me in a less aggressive and acceptable way to even see myself. She is empathic and her guide is clear and easy to follow. I think I will start seeing results right away. Thank you D!!!

    Tamara Diez Avatar Tamara Diez
    February 24, 2019

    positive review  Dayna was amazing! I can’t recommend her highly enough. Not only did she support me and give me confidence when I was feeling deflated, she gave me very specific and practical help in reviewing my CV, helping me tailor my cover letters and even looking for job opportunities that were a match for my skillset and experience. It felt good having someone on the end of my long list of questions who was fighting in my corner. If you’re in the job market for a remote job, Dayna is your the one person you need to reach out to!! 😁✨🤩

    Kylie Ralston Avatar Kylie Ralston
    February 18, 2019

    positive review  I was awed by the whole experience I received from Nomadic Resume Services. My biggest challenge was the question of “How to convert a 6-page full CV to a 1-page Resume?” I felt insecure about it, like how will a condensed 1 pager represent all my skills and experience in a way that shows I can do the job/ consultancy that is needed by those who advertise? It was a great experience to learn how to make my own most significant accomplishments stand out among the sea of words! I am not (at the moment) well experienced in design software and how to do the technical side of online documents and presentations. For example, someone designed a few years ago my logo and stationery, dropped the logo in my Gmail account, gave me a JPG to send of to the printer for my business card and that’s it. When Dayna at Nomadic Resume Services asked me for my high-resolution artwork, I wanted to shrink, thinking how silly of me, I did not even ask in the past that the person who designed it for me, please provide me with the high res copy. I even replied: “I don’t have it, just see if you get something that resembles it closely, or at least complements it”. I did not expect or know I would end up with the exact same design AND this time around received my high res artwork, for future reference! For me, this was an added bonus that I really did not know would be one of the results when I started this process! The turn-around time was super-fast, we started communicating Thursday night, very late (luckily we are more or less in the same time zone) with actioning into actual work assignment by Friday mid-day. Late Saturday afternoon I had my Resume, Logo work and revised Cover letter – tailormade for a specific application I want to submit! The service was really very professional, and I will in the future when needed again contact Dayna at Nomadic Resume Services. I recommend any of the services offered and will like to encourage all, to get their CV/ Resume or career plan looked over at least once in their career – as the trend and way job applications are done change constantly and if it is not your field, advise to stay ahead is well worth the experience at a very good fee! It is also a way of learning through the process – you know your own work’s content and your skills, but to learn how to look at it as if an outsider. Wish me luck in my applications, I am sure I will report back soon with good news!

    Liesl Liz Theron Avatar Liesl Liz Theron
    January 6, 2019