Advertise your job posting – Big Box 25% Rotation


Have your job ad run in rotation in our side bar big box. Price based on 25% rotation (displayed 25% of the time). Please check and request availability HERE. Subject to terms and conditions as outlined below.

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Terms and Conditions


  1. Payment must be made within 24 hours of booking requests. Booking requests that have been made and unpaid with 24 hours will be removed.
  2. Ad units to be inserted into the “Big Box Slider” found on the top of the Sidebar when viewing on desktop and most tablets. Big Box Slider is also visible below the page when viewing on mobile devices. The Big Box Slider appears on the following pages:
  3. Ads booked below 100% rotation will run alongside other ads. Ads running in addition may include ads for Nomadic Career Services or ads for other employers. Nomadic Career Services does not guarantee category exclusivity.
  4. Ads must be for employment opportunities. Any ads for services that compete with Nomadic Career Services will be rejected. Employment opportunities must for a minimum of $10/hour or equivalent. No MLM or “Investment opportunities”.
  5. Ad design must not include nudity, unnecessary skin exposure, graphic language, or adult concepts. Ad must not mislead user regarding who is providing the message, or where your link will take them. Don’t use images that are visually disturbing, gory, or designed to shock or scare.
  6. Links must direct to webpage, we do not allow links that initiate or prompts to download files or software after the click.
  7. Ad unit must be received and approved by Nomadic Career Services 72 hours before campaign is to begin. Ad unit to be a static image 300 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall. When designing creative please note the left and right arrow buttons that will be placed over creative, as well as slide selector that will be place over the bottom. Creative to be sent to
  8. Nomadic Career Services may decline to approve any advertisement for any other reason at its sole discretion. If your ad is declined for a reason as detailed in term 4 above, you will be refunded minus any transaction fees incurred by Nomadic Career Services. If your ad is declined for a reason not listed under term 4 you will receive a full refund.
  9. If your ad is received less than 72 hours before campaign every effort will be made to ensure your ad runs on time. However if your ad starts later than the original start time, but within 72 hours of receipt, no refund will be given.
  10. Clients may cancel advertising with a minimum of 1 weeks notice and will receive advertising credit towards future advertising with Nomad Career Services. Any advertising credit must be used within 90 days of receipt. Credits will expire after 90 days.
  11. Advertising is for a set number of days, and Nomadic Career Solutions makes no guarantees regarding number of impressions or click through rate. Days are based on a 0:01EST start time to a 23:59EST end time.


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