Basic Resume Plan


This plan is designed for those who are satisfied with their resumes format and content but understand the value of a second set of eyes. We will comb through your documents looking for formatting, spelling and grammatical errors that you may have missed.

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Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes

As a Recruiter myself, I’ve seen thousands of resumes in my life. In every new job vacancy, I would receive a few resumes with spelling mistakes or even worse, they addressed it to the wrong company and position. We all want to think a recruiter will look beyond minor mistakes but here’s the thing. They won’t. The job market competition is fierce, and we’re here to make sure you’re remembered for your winning resume, not your mistakes. 

Price is per page and we will also review supporting documents such as Cover Letters, Letters of Recommendation, CV’s, and more.

Additional information

Number of Pages

2 pages total (Resume / Cover Letter / CV), 3 pages total (Resume / Cover Letter / CV), 4 pages total (Resume / Cover Letter / CV), 5 pages total (Resume / Cover Letter / CV), 6 pages total (Resume / Cover Letter / CV), 7 pages total (Resume / Cover Letter / CV)


Standard 3 business days, Expedited 24 hours (+20%)


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